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It is not just a message. Neither a worship session nor a prayer meeting. It is #RawWeds!

29 Mar 2021

That means message, worship and prayer are all meshed in one meeting. You can even catch a glimpse of raw worship team rehearsal as we work out the songs on stage. We call it #RawWeds because there is no stiff direction baked into the meeting. Nothing is set in stone. Everything is flexible. Word can easily flow into prayer intermixed with worship. It is like permutation and combination on steroids. But one purpose is for sure – we are here to seek God, hear Him and obey Him.

#RawWeds was birthed out of a desire to let our church members experience the non-downloadables of Heart of God Church.

The history of #RawWeds?

Well, I used to have a lot of rehearsals with the first few worship teams years ago when I was the only worship leader. My usual style is to rehearse the songs and then seamlessly flow into worship and prayer with the team. Sometimes, I would preach to the teams. At times I would prophesy over their lives. Rehearsals were essentially just an excuse to get to the real stuff – the Presence of God.


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Funny thing is – at the end of rehearsals, I would turn around and would always be shocked. I would see many young people with their hands lifted in deep worship and prayer together with us! At the start of rehearsal, they were just sitting around chatting, having meals or studying in the same hall. But they had ceased all activities over the course of the rehearsal because they were so drawn to the Presence of God! It was just a – rehearsal … !

Young people are always captivated by the manifested Presence of God, no matter how raw a form it appears as. And so in meetings like #RawWeds, we hit the pause on the programming.

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I love meetings where God can speak anything to anybody. I love the freedom of meetings that allow me to not just do one thing but several things at a time. Worship. Preach. Pray. Repeat. Rehearse song. Repeat. No fixed pattern. Every meeting is different. Just a great hunger to see people encounter Him. And they always do. ⁣

When you set the stage for God and not for any human personality, He moves at will. ⁣

When young people are soaked in the Presence of God – Dreams are conceived and received. Destinies are unleashed and released. Leaders are encouraged. Pastors and full-time staff are called. ANYTHING can happen. The last few Raw Wednesdays have shown that.

I can’t wait for the next #RawWeds!

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