5 Senior Pastors at the Same Time Article on the 3-Generation Senior Pastor Model

3 GenerationS of senior pastors at the same time in shared leadership, to champion youth. Learn the heart and practical outworkings in this series.

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Why a 3 Generation Senior Pastor Model Makes Sense

Pastor Lia & Pastor How list the 7 advantages of having different generations leading concurrently at the highest level of church leadership.

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How to Survive Pastoring a Modern Church

In the past, a pastor’s job was simpler–preach, pray, marry, bury. Church leadership has changed. How can one senior pastor effectively lead the modern church?

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If you are a husband-wife team like us … and also have friction when co-leading like us, this article may be helpful.

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Youth are Leaders TODAY!
This article was published on Christianity Today on 10 Feb 2023.

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Christian Daily feature on Pastor Lia's iconic message The Gold Standard of Discipleship.

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